200W Home Solar Electricity System

200W Home Solar Electricity System

 200W Home Solar Electricity System

Model: 3HZ-H200
Equipped PMW Solar Charge Control, increasing the life of Battery and charge efficiency
 Good protection design for overcharge, over-discharge, over-load, short-circuit and with temperature compensation function
Adopt High Efficiency Crystalline Solar Modules
  Adopt Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery
 Clear LED indication & Digital Display for Battery Voltage
 Easy to install and convenient to use
With DC output, easy for DC Appliance use
With reliable inverter, with Sine-wave or modified sine-wave output     
Solar Panel:200W
Storage Battery:12V200AH
Charger Control:24V20A
Home Appliance to be used:4-6 pieces of 11W LED Lights, 1TV,1 Fan, 1 washing machine,
Working Time: 4-8 Hours
Additional Functions:With one USB port for Mobile Charging 
Box size:   480*500*210mm

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: 3HZ-H200
Brand Name: 3HZ-SOLAR

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