100W Solar Home System Features

100W  Solar Home System Features

 100W  Solar Home System Features

? Digital indication of working model
? Easy operation Smart control
? Overloading protection
? Short cricuit protection
? Reverse discharge protection
? Reverse polarity connection protection
? Over discharge protection
? Over charge protection
? Suitable for household lighting TV,fan radio and computer.
Not suitable for Capacitive load ,as electric motor, refrigerator, air conditioning,Microwave and ovens.
? Solar panels and public grid,  two ways of charge to battery
? The solar home system can be mounted both indoors and outdoors on walls
100W  Solar Home System Specification
Model                                             3HZ-H100W
Solar panel power                       100WP
solar charge controller                12V10A
solar inverter                                 500W Modified Wave Sine Inverter
battery capacity                             12V 100AH  Deep Cycle Battery
Output voltage/frequency            110VAC/220VAC   50/60Hz
Inverter conversion efficiency     90%
Volume                                               0.1m3
Weight                                            25.0Kg
100W  Solar Power System Load Item
2 Energy Saver Bulbs
1 Fan
1 Colour TV 
100W  Solar Power System Notes:
Can supply electric 500w/day
If the battery capacity is not enough, you can  parallel connection multiple batteries
The maximum power load for the system: 500W

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: 3HZ-H100
Brand Name: 3HZ-SOLAR

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