20W Portable solar power system

20W Portable solar power system

 20W Portable solar power system

This solar power system includes solar cell modules, special solar battery, solar controller, solar power generator systems, etc. Pollution-free, energy-saving,  protecting environment, free maintenance and less restriction, with low Failure Rate, easily assembling and carrying, convenient using. Its lifespan can reach above 20 years, a variety of charging ways complementary, solar, Ac and Dc all can charge for the system, one time investment, long-term benefits. It can be applied to the villa, housing, outdoors, tourist resorts, prairie areas, remote mountain village, mountain island, household, farms, villages, farm, hills, island, highway and any regions to generate electricity. (Can charge for cell phones, notebook computers, lights, digital camera, camera, TV set, electric tools, music CDS, DVDS, electric power).
Characteristics: The system has high conversion of silicon solar panel, high euphotic rate and mechanical strength, good resistance to climate, preventing wind, hail. Which can effectively resist corrosion of moisture and salt fog, and can produce high efficient power and energy.
Appliances range: Electronic appliances such as mobilephone charging, notebook computers, lights, digital camera, video camera, TV, electric tools, music CD, DVD, electric power whose voltage is in 50Hz, 110 -220V. Design and manufacture as the small AC/DC power supply system, for farmers in remote areas, and posts, fieldwork, small tourist camping. It is the necessary perfect product in the portable office, fieldwork, and cutoff. 
1 standardized design or OEM service. 
2 solar panel 25 years life span. 
3 small,portable and convenient. 
4 Certificates:CE
1. SIZE          solar panel  335×515×25MM      system box  220×130×150-170MM
2.WEIGHT     solar panel    2.2KG                      system box  5.68KG
Battery              12V12AH  144W     
Solar panel        20W18V            
Output voltage   ,5.0V, 12V,20V
Input voltage     15-25V        
Output current   1A for USB; 3A for DC        
Input interface  DC interface X1
Output interface   4 (2 for USB, 2 for DC)
For USB,Output voltage     5V/12V /20V   output current    1A
For DC, Output voltage       12V                output current    3A
1) 1 wire from usb port to DC port 
2)5 changers for mobile phone
3)2 LED lamps
4)1 lamp_socket
5)5m wire for system
6)2 DC changers
7)1 lamp_socket with 3m wire
8)1 description
DC lamp (12V) ,camera, mobile phone ,MP3,MP4,MP5,GPS,PDA,video and so on.

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: 3HZ-H20
Brand Name: 3HZ-SOLAR

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