Roof advertising solar power system

Roof advertising solar power system

Roof advertising solar power system / solar power system of outdoor advertising   

He solar solar power system three main advantages are:1, billboards or light box set up solar power systems without power lines and one-time investment, no need to pay electricity bills, save worry, safe and reliable2, solar power is simple, economical and energy-saving and environmental protection. And solar power is neither a consumer of resources and pollution emissions, clean energy, long life, stable performance, lower maintenance costs. National advocacy of new energy, energy saving environmental protection in line with the concept.3, to ensure that all billboards, light boxes steady supply.


4, industrial solar controllers, based on expert control system using special software to achieve intelligent optimization SOC control, more advanced, more reliable, more efficient and effective system to ensure and extend the service life of components


5, when the control has a light control function with a time of free choice, would like to light a few hours on the light hours, convenient time control.6, ultra bright LED light source, reducing the cost of solar power generation system7, can provide DC12V 24V or AC220 power supply.8, using the latest solar energy storage devices as a maintenance-free batteries, working temperature between -40 ? ~ 60 ?, with a high life high performance features.


9, using special lightning protection technology to ensure the stability of the system, not thunderstorms affected.


Note: To ensure the billboard light box solar power system security and stability of supply, must be in accordance with the specific circumstances of regions of the solar resource and load power consumption of the solar system configuration.


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