Mini Solar Power Station

Mini Solar Power Station

 Mini Solar Power Station

solar power station represents a new generation of safe and reliable green energy, with big power, small footprint, small size, compact structure, beautiful shape, optional large, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, on-site installation of the workload is small, short cycle, as well as installation and commissioning can be mobile, conversion efficiency, charging various characteristics such as solar energy is an excellent dual-purpose AC-DC power systems for residential quarters, large-scale construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, and supervision of facilities, etc., when place 
Solar Power System Description: 
1. The use of microcontroller and special procedures to achieve intelligent automatic control; 
2. Real-time monitoring of battery voltage, current, charge and discharge rate and ambient temperature, to overcharge and over discharge control of multi-parameter dynamic compensation computing adjusted to achieve optimal control of dynamic systems, the system has a very high stability and environmental adaptability combined reliability; 
3. Overcharge, over-discharge, electronic short-circuit overload protection and other automatic control; 
4. Charge Control used to enhance, direct charge, float mode automatically switches to ensure that battery life; 
5. Inverter part is highly resistant to shock loads designed to ensure that the impact of refrigerators and other large load capacity of the normal start-up and drive 
6. Working light 
7. Long living time ,solar panel life of up to 20 years 
Can be customized according to customer requirements of various power solar power system 

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